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Amish Beef Sticks

A wide variety of beef stick flavors. We are sure you will... 

Butcher Cut Sticks

A collection of our finest Butcher Cut meat sticks. 

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All the treats and sweets Amish Country Snacks offers. 

  • Butcher Cut Honey BBQ Beef Jerky 24 count box - Amish Country Snacks

    Honey BBQ 0.75oz Jerky

    Indulge in this amazing combo of honey and BBQ with our NEW jerky! Perfect for snacking on the go or just lounging around the house!

    Honey BBQ Jerky 
  • Ghost Pepper Sticks

    Fuel your hunger with the intense heat of our ghost pepper meat sticks. Perfect for those who crave a fiery challenge!

    Ghost Pepper Sticks 
  • Amish Green Apple Licorice

    Fall in love with the delightful flavor of our green apple licorice. A burst sweetness that will make your taste buds dance with joy!

    Amish Green Apple Licorice